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How YogiFi was born?

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yogifi smart yoga mat

YogiFi began with the chronic debilitating back pain of one of the founders, Murali Somisetty. Two years ago he reversed his chronic back pain with the help of Yoga and it inspired him to become a certified yoga instructor so he could help more people. Murali started with his purpose of spreading Yoga as the “science of holistic wellness” to as many people as possible by offering free classes. Very soon he realized that while many people register for the classes, people were inconsistent in attending the classes due to things like their busy work schedules, family commitments, business travels, commute problems, and lack of motivation. Being a yogi with a technology background, he wanted to do something unique that would seamlessly integrate the ancient practice of Yoga into the modern lifestyle leveraging technology. One fine day, after his regular yoga practice, he had his ah-ha moment. “What if a yoga mat could talk to you and guide you step-by-step like a yoga instructor? What if we could program the yoga mat to continuously learn various postures from expert teachers using artificial intelligence?”. Murali believed that he was onto something and the idea of YogiFi was born!

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