International Day of Yoga
Sun Salutation Challenge

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Every year around International Day of Yoga (IDY), we announce a new feature launch.

Following the IDY 2022 theme
Yoga for Humanity….

This year, we are bringing in an interactive yoga session to follow along with the trainer in real-time with unique computer vision technology, which would help you learn and perform Sun Salutations correctly

Practice with your Instructor

Follow your instructor side by side view with step-by-step instructions.

Follow your instructor picture in picture view with step-by-step instructions.

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About YogiFi

As you might already know, YogiFi emerged from the founder’s real-life experience, where he completely reversed chronic health issues with the help of yoga in his daily lifestyle. 

By bringing the best of ancient science and modern technology, he developed an intelligent yoga mat that pairs with an iOS and Android app to transform into a virtual instructor on the go, anytime/anywhere. 

In the process, we have become the innovators and pioneers in launching unique yoga/fitness class experiences through a mobile app with the fusion of AI, Computer Vision, and AR/VR by leveraging the cutting-edge technologies such as Vision, CoreML, ARKit, MLKit, etc.,

YogiFi is designed to take the benefits of Yoga to the world.

Yoga is meant to heal both body and mind.

YogiFi is Designed based on real-life experience and learnings; cutting-edge technology is used to deliver on-demand Yoga with a difference.

It is imperative to be disciplined and do Yoga the right way to achieve desired results.
YogiFi precisely helps you do this.

It not only provides the right content but also guides you through your journey by being your virtual instructor.

YogiFi Smart Exercise Mat

YogiFi Gen 2 is now live.
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