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Rachael Ray recommends YogiFi as the new Fitness Tech Product to upgrade your At-Home Workouts on The Rachael Ray Show!

YogiFi for EVERY BODY!

Kids to Elderly,

Working Professionals to Busy Moms,

Early risers to late hawks,

Home to playgrounds, practice anywhere! 



Find out why Nicole Hennessey loves YogiFi!

"Pleasantly surprised with YogiFi's AI Trainer" - Mandy Ferdman

“Have I been doing my postures all along?”

I can't wait to explore Yoga in this fun & innovative way!

– Jessica Place

“Take them away from video games, but don’t take away the fun!”

Video Courtesy – Darlene Valenciana (YogiFi customer)

Customer Interviews!

A YogiFi story from a Retiree/Yoga novice

Rita Montez is a Retiree and a Yoga novice. She initially purchased the mat for her daughter but when she tried out the YogiFi sessions, she decided to keep it for herself 😀!!
She emphasizes the need for such a product for the elderly and proves that you don’t need to be tech savy not have prior yoga knowledge to practice with YogiFi.

A YogiFi story from a combat veteran/Ashtanga teacher

“YogiFi is truly building a platform where Yoga is for EVERY BODY and EVERY TEACHER! Yoga is for you regardless of your body type and skill level.”

Interview with Jordana “Dannie” Norberg

Dannie is a Yoga novice who needed a patient and personalized trainer to help her with Yoga practice. She was pretty bummed out in group class as she wasn’t getting the postures right. She had experienced the Yoga benefits with her minimal yoga practice and was on a pursuit to improve her yoga skills. Check out the video to learn about her YogiFi experience!

Facebook Live with Darlene Valenciana

Darlene has been with US Navy for 18 years, a fitness fanatic and a yoga lover. She is perfectionist and has been very attached to her Yoga teachers in Florida. After she moved to Virgina during the quarantine, she deeply missed her Yoga practice and gave YogiFi a try. Check out the video to learn about her experience.

“This is Yoga Gamified!” – Sean Reid

“Yoga teacher at your fingertips!” – Charles Campbell

Julie Neighbors – Feedback from a Yoga Teacher

Thanks to Julie for her honest and helpful feedback. We have taken her feedback and have introduced “YogiFi Personalization” as part of the set up process where the mat understands the customer and their body type.

“As a yoga novice, I feel comfortable with YogiFi than going to Yoga studios.” – Austin Hawkins

Tune in to hear from YogiFi from Jared Bendis, the on-air “tech guru” for the local NPR/PBS stations WCPN/WVIZ in Cleveland, Ohio.

Thanks to Jared for covering YogiFi among his favorite products at CES2021.

“You have hit a home run with YogiFi!” -CES Attendee

We won the hearts of many people who experienced YogiFi at CES 2020. Over the week at CES, the customer feedback was extremely positive.
Visitors loved our amazing product, our user-friendly experience and were excited about the YogiFi launch.

YogiFi at Disney’s Best Of CES Event Highlights

After the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, YogiFi was chosen by Disney for their company’s exclusive Best of CES event in California. Check out the highlights here.

Message from Roadshows

Here’s a video that captured the user reviews and testimonials at various events.

TTC Attendee impressed by YogiFi’s instantaneous posture feedback

Mel, an attendee at the Transformative Tech Conference in 2019, has tried YogiFi’s Artificial Intelligence-powered interactive yoga mat. He appreciates the instantaneous feedback from YogiFi, from the guided instructions to the real-time correction on his yoga poses. Mel also shares what he envisions the company to accomplish in the future.

Decade long yoga enthusiast excited to practice Yoga at the comfort of her home

Maria, a Slush 2019 attendee at Helsinki, finds YogiFi to be a highly innovative yoga mat. With over a decade of yoga experience, Maria shares her testimony about the AI-powered yoga mat based on experience

Yoga instructor claims YogiFi is the best yoga product of the decade at TTC 2019

Rachel Anne, an attendee of tech conferences in the past 5-10 years, shares why she believes the YogiFi intelligent Artificial Intelligence-powered yoga mat is one of the most remarkable products she’s encountered. She claims that YogiFi addresses major points missing in the health and wellness market for a long time.

Yoga monk Dada Nabhaniilananda comments about the long list of YogiFi’s capabilities at TTC 2019

Yoga monk and renowned keynote speaker Dada Nabhaniilananda has tried YogiFi’s intelligent yoga mat at the Transformative Tech Conference in 2019. Dada is shocked by YogiFi’s AI capability, its biometric technology, and its integration with smart home devices and fitness trackers like the Apple Watch. He believes YogiFi has immense potential for yoga instructors and yoga students alike.

TTC 2019 attendee from Japan in love with yoga again with YogiFi

Chinami, a TTC 2019 attendee from Japan is thrilled after evaluating the YogiFi smart yoga mat at the Transformative Tech Conference 2019 held at Palo Alto, California. She loves the artificial intelligence-powered feedback system from YogiFi.

Disney’s Best of CES attendee finds yoga easy after using Yogifi’s smart yoga mat

A Disney’s Best of CES attendee finds yoga easy after using Yogifi’s smart yoga mat. She describes her opinion of the YogiFi mat’s guided instructions and real-time correction technology.

CES 2020 attendee amazed by YogiFi’s analytics and its potential

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020, an attendee is thoroughly impressed by the YofiFi smart yoga mat’s highly advanced analytics software and posture detection system. He believes that the yoga mat has a high trajectory to help many people improve their wellness and physical activity.

Attendee discovers that she’s been doing yoga wrong before YogiFi

During the Disney Corporation Best Of CES Company Event, an attendee with moderate yoga experience discovers that she’s been doing her yoga with incorrect form. With the help of YogiFi, a smart yoga mat, she was able to harness its posture correction technology to finally get her poses right.

Disney’s Best of CES attendee finds YogiFi as the most comfortable yoga mat

A Disney’s Best of CES attendee finds YogiFi as the most comfortable yoga mat and describes why YogiFi’s premium built quality makes it easier to do yoga poses with her bad wrists. She mentions her favorite features of the smart yoga mat, including the real-time pose correction.

CES 2020 attendee impressed by the YogiFi mat’s posture recognition system

Joey De La Rosa, an attendee of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020, is impressed by the YofiFi smart yoga mat’s immediate detection of his incorrect form when doing yoga postures.

CES attendee from UK convinced by YogiFi’s yoga instructional technology

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020, an attendee is thoroughly impressed by the YofiFi smart yoga mat’s guided instruction technology after her demo experience. As a yogi herself, she shares her invaluable testimony about the capabilities of YogiFi.

Aspiring yoga enthusiast impressed by YogiFi’s versatility

Tom, an attendee of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020, finds the YogiFi AI-powered yoga mat as an accessible way for everyone to learn yoga. In this testimony, Tom elaborates on why he believes the smart fitness mat helps keep people accountable and how real-time yoga posture correction can help people like himself.

“YogiFi challenges you to hold poses long enough to improve your strength”

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