YogiFi Smart Mat paired with Samsung TV

The Powerful Duo redefining Yoga at Home

YogiFi Smart Mat paired
with Samsung TV

The Powerful Duo redefining
Yoga at Home


Adaptive Workouts

Tailored just for you! YogiFi smartly adapts to your skill level, fitness goals, and specific body requirements. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, get workouts that fit your pace and intensity.

Real-time Feedback

Never wonder if you’re doing it right. With our proprietary technology, receive instantaneous corrections on your poses, ensuring you get the most from every session while reducing the risk of injury.

Progress Tracking

Visualize your journey! Track your yoga progress with detailed stats, from flexibility improvements to strength gains. With integration on Samsung TV, reviewing your performance is as easy as watching your favorite show.

Seamless Integration

Experience the future of home workouts. With the first-of-its-kind integration between YogiFi and Samsung TV, switch from binge-watching to binge-yoga-ing in mere seconds.

Intelligent Surface Sensing

Every inch matters! The YogiFi mat comes equipped with sensors that detect your movements and pressure points, ensuring that your alignment and balance are always optimal.

Immersive Atmospheres

Dive deep into relaxation! Choose from a variety of calming atmospheres – from tranquil beaches to serene mountain tops, making your yoga and meditation sessions an immersive experience

Setting a benchmark in fitness technology, YogiFi proudly announces its exclusive partnership with Samsung, a global leader in innovation. Together, we’re redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of home workouts.

The Future of Fitness: YogiFi & Samsung Unite

Key Points of the Partnership

First of Its Kind​

Experience the world's first seamless integration between a smart yoga mat and a television. YogiFi's revolutionary tech synchronizes effortlessly with Samsung TVs, offering an unparalleled yoga experience.

Optimized Display​

Witness yoga sessions, feedback, and atmospheres like never before on Samsung's crystal-clear display. Dive into the details of every pose, every breath, every movement.

Unified Ecosystem​

Your fitness journey deserves a harmonious tech environment. With YogiFi and Samsung, witness a symbiotic relationship where your mat communicates intuitively with your TV, enhancing every session.

Exclusive Features​

As a testament to our partnership, YogiFi on Samsung TVs will be rolling out exclusive features, workshops, and sessions available nowhere else. Stay ahead, stay exclusive.

By merging Samsung's unrivaled display technology with YogiFi's innovative fitness solutions, we aim to offer an immersive yoga experience that's truly ahead of its time.
Muraldihar Somisetty
Ceo, Yogifi

Discover the Future of Fitness

Media Mentions

Samsung Brings Interactive Yoga Experience on TVs in a Global First

Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, is bringing interactive yoga experience to its consumers on its televisions in a global first. Through its exclusive partnership with YogiFi, an award-winning flagship product of health-tech startup, Wellnesys Technologies

International Yoga Day: Samsung brings interactive Yoga experience on TVs

Samsung becomes the first global brand to bring interactive yoga experiences to its customers on its TVs. The South Korean tech giant has partnered with YogiFi to offer this experience. YogiFi is a flagship product of health-tech startup, Wellnesys Technologies.

Samsung brings interactive yoga experience on TVs

The YogiFi app will be accessible on all 2023 Samsung smart TVs such as Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs

Samsung Partners With YogiFi, introduces Interactive Yoga Sessions on Its Smart TVs

Samsung has collaborated with YogiFi to enable easy pairing of AI-enabled yoga mats with Samsung smart TVs.

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