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Enjoy studio-level results
with our smart yoga mat

Revolutionize your practice with real-time tracking and 1:1 coaching from the experts. Prioritize mindfulness, improve fitness, optimize sleep and manage stress with our game-changing device.

Five-star features

Improve with professional guidance on posture, balance and more

Access a variety of tailored programs and classes via the mobile app

Collect vital data during workouts and track your development over time

Dive deeper into personal insights with flexibility and balance metrics

Global Recognitions

The smart yoga app

Curated content from the professionals

Enjoy high-quality videos and personalized sequences that cater to your goals and abilities.

Classes at every touchpoint

The YogiFi app is available across TV, Mobile and Apple Watch, so you can practice at your convenience.

Compatible with Apple Watch

Monitor metrics and vitals, such as heart rate and calories burned, directly from your device during practice.

Forward-looking data

Track your progress over time and see how you stack up against other users on the leaderboard.

Who will love YogiFi?

YogiFi app comes with high-quality videos and yoga sequences that cater to your goals and abilities.

Smart mat helps you elevate your practice with advanced metrics and personalized feedback from real yoga instructors.

Smart mat helps you to practice yoga on your own schedule, with guidance and feedback that works for you.

YogiFi mat helps you provide personalized feedback and guidance to your students, no matter where they are.

Get your smart mat now

How YogiFi works

The perfect tool to take your yoga and overall well being to new heights, follow these 4 easy steps to get started:

1. Power on

Turn on the mat by pressing the power button.

2. Pair it up

Follow the instructions in the YogiFi to link your mat with your phone or tablet.

3. Choose a class

Select a program from the list of available sessions and get started.

4. Get moving

Follow the guided instructions and practice poses with real-time corrections.

Curated Classes for Every Level

Real teachers will analyze the data and connect with students to share the actionable insights to achieve goals.

Beginner's Yoga Sequence

Watch as our smart yoga mat guides you through the basics of yoga.

Advanced Posture Training

Get detailed step-by-step guidance with visual indicators and personalized feedback during an advanced posture learning

Meditation & Breathing

Apart from yoga you will get access to wide range of meditation and breathing practice classes.

Don’t just take our word for it

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“This mat has been a life saver. I have fibromyalgia, both knees replaced, and covid. I wanted and needed to do yoga but wanted to do it right. The mat and its guidance has been a life game changer for me”
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“YogiFi is one of the best things that has happened to me! I work long days sitting at a desk for over 8 hours in the same position. Thanks to YogiFi, I am able to stretch and move my body at the end of the day. After using YogiFi for a year, my body feels younger and healthier. YogiFi has literally saved my life”
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“Daily yoga fell by wayside when covid struck. The YogiFi challenge has been a great boon. It got me to fire up my mat and incorporate a very attainable 15-20 minutes yoga per day. I love that YogiFi mat fits easily into my schedule. I even take it camping and use my phone’s hotspot to practice in the shade next to our tent. The YogiFi mat and the challenge are both fabulous!”
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“I have been interested in yoga for years but was always skeptical of it. I ordered YogiFi mat to start doing yoga and wanted to make sure I was doing poses correctly. I am very thankful to YogiFi for the truly innovative mat. I has certainly aided in being able to get into those positions ”