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What our clients says about us

Natalie Dubishar
Natalie Dubishar
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“As a yoga teacher I would recommend to fellow students as an easy stress relief option.”
Erie Bittle
Erie Bittle
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“Took a few months to deliver the mat but my wife and I love it. The customer service of YogiFi has been so stellar, it’s been refreshing to witness.”
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Amazing, my whole family uses YogiFi on a daily basis with the mat and its great, especially to get it into a routine. There are simple programs like "morning fresh" and ones for certain people, like "yoga for athletes".
Austin Hawkins
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"As a yoga novice, I feel comfortable with YogiFi than going to yoga studios"
Shianti Lee
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"YogiFi is truly building a platform where Yoga is for every body and every teacher! Yoga is for you regardless of your body type and skill level"
Darlene Valenciana
Darlene Valenciana
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“I am a big fan of the Yogifi product. A yoga trainer may give you feedback about the visual mistakes, but the mat gives you in-depth feedback about your balance and endurance.”

Video Testimonials

YogiFi for EVERY BODY!

Kids to Elderly, Working Professionals to Busy Moms, Early risers to late hawks, Home to playgrounds, practice anywhere! 


Find out why Nicole Hennessey loves YogiFi!

"Pleasantly surprised with YogiFi's AI Trainer" - Mandy Ferdman

“Have I been doing my postures all along?”

I can't wait to explore Yoga in this fun & innovative way!

– Jessica Place

“Take them away from video games, but don’t take away the fun!”

Video Courtesy – Darlene Valenciana (YogiFi customer)

YogiFi in place of Video games for teenagers!

YogiFi Review - Sean Ried

Yoga Gamified!!

YogiFi Review - Charles Campbell

Convinient Yoga practice for seniors

Julie Neighbors - Feedback from an early adopter

Julie Neighbors – Feedback from an early adopter.

YogiFi Reviews - Austin Hawkins

Personalized experience at the comfort of your own home!

YogiFi Product Reviews : User Testimonials and What We heard on our Roadshows!

Experience a thrilling journey we had last year at various roadshows and events in USA and Europe.