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yogifi smart yoga mat

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Embark upon a uniqe journey of YOGA with YogiFi

How YogiFi will help you achieve your fitness goals?

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YogiFi Mat Demo with step by instruction from connecting your companion app to cool down sequence.

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Practice at your convenience

With YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat you can practice anywhere anytime with the help of portable yoga mat. Be it office, home, or even while travelling.

Programs for your goals

Programs designed by experts to help you achieve your goals. Get a reminder everyday to get on the mat and sweat it out!

More about your smart yoga mat

yogifi smart yoga mat

Not only a yoga mat, but your personal yoga assistant.

YogiFi gently guides you in your practice by delivering step-by-step instructions, spoken to you by our AI assistant. The YogiFi mat learns about your body's flexibility from your practice which calibrates your mat to accommodate your limits and gently guide you.

Patented Asana Tracking Technology

YogiFi comes equipped with an innovative sensor layer built into the mat An Artificial Intelligence system tracks your yoga postures and offers suggestions to help you correct the posture in real-time. Users have multiple guided attempts to correct posture and receive a comprehensive summary of their session at the end.

Track your performance.

YogiFi has patented sensor technology to help you learn new moves at your own pace. It strengthen your core, build your confidence, improve balance, and flexibility. Activate a male or female voice to gently guide you through a step-by-step yoga session.

Practice anywhere anytime.​

With YogiFi’s rechargeable battery you can practice anywhere anytime. No excuse to your daily fitness routine.

Why our customers LOVE YogiFi

yogifi customer reviews

Darlene Valenciana

“I am a big fan of the Yogifi product. A yoga trainer may give you feedback about the visual mistakes, but the mat gives you in-depth feedback about your balance and endurance.”

yogifi customer reviews

Jordana “Dannie” Norberg

“I had a great sleep after my YogiFi session and look forward to practicing everyday before I sleep.”


Dr. Tim Rindlisbacher

“Took a few months to deliver the mat but my wife and I love it. The customer service of YogiFi has been so stellar, it’s been refreshing to witness.”


Natalie Dubishar

“Recommend to fellow students as an easy stress relief option.”


Erie Bittle

“Love seeing that green light and hearing that chime when I have achieved the needed pose. Looking forward to challenging myself and grow in my yoga practice.”


Rita Montez

“I am doing yoga for the first time and YogiFi made it look like a breeze! There is no way I would’ve come out of a studio feeling this succesful.”

Listen directly from our users


A YogiFi story from a Retiree/Yoga novice

Rita Montez is a Retiree and a Yoga novice. She initially purchased the mat for her daughter but when she tried out the YogiFi sessions, she decided to keep it for herself 😀!!
She emphasizes the need for such a product for the elderly and proves that you don’t need to be tech savy not have prior yoga knowledge to practice with YogiFi.


Jessica Place – Review from YogiFi Early Adopter

Thanks to Jessica for testing the mat if it works for her height (6’3″). Even though the mat is only 6ft long, she found that as long as she was able to adjust to stay on the mat, the mat provided her the correct feedback.


Interview with Jordana “Dannie” Norberg

Dannie is a Yoga novice who needed a patient and personalized trainer to help her with Yoga practice. She was pretty bummed out in group class as she wasn’t getting the postures right. She had experienced the Yoga benefits with her minimal yoga practice and was on a pursuit to improve her yoga skills. Check out the video to learn about her YogiFi experience!


Julie Neighbors – Feedback from a Yoga Teacher​

Thanks to Julie for her honest and helpful feedback. We have taken her feedback and have introduced “YogiFi Personalization” as part of the set up process where the mat understands the customer and their body type.

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