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YogiFi Programs
YogiFi Programs are designed for a continuous practice of a sequence of postures for a pre-determined duration.


The continuous streak helps the user master and experience the benefits of those postures.


  • Starts with a Silent Observation of the Program sequence
  • Warm-Up
  • Round 1 – Posture Introduction (Provides instructions to get into the posture)
  • Round 2 – Posture Correction (Real-time feedback to get into the accurate posture.)
  • Round 3 – Posture Retention (Guides you to hold in the correct posture)
  • Cool down with Mediatation

Unlocked Programs

Chakra Balance
The program helps to align the seven chakras or energy centers, removes the energy blocks and helps to absorb the cosmic anergy. This program has a positive and deeply energizing effect on the body, mind and soul.
Relax and Restore
Nourish your body and let go of the stresses of everyday life with this relaxing sequence. Leave your mat completely rested and ready to take on the day ahead.
Energy Booster
Boost your energy level (the prana) by doing performing this wonderful sequence of Surya Namaskar- Obeisance to Sun, the supreme source of energy. Best time to harness the energy is when perform this around sunrise/sun set time.
YogiFi Foundation
A simple sequence to help the first timers.
Yoga for Athletes
The program is designed with an athlete in mind, to increase sport performance.
Daily Detox
Improve Digestion & Boost immune system.
Stress Buster
Yoga session for anxiety treatment and overcome your stressful life.
Flexi Spine
Improper postures at work with sedentary lifestyles can lead to spinal health problems. Spine is the root cause of many physical ailments today. Yoga has been proven to help in healing many spinal problems.
Morning Fresh
A sequence that helps energize the body and sets you up for the whole day.
Back Pain Relief
Yoga is not just about perfection of postures at a physical level. Asana is just one limb in the eight limbs of Ashtanga. breath is the bridge between the body and mind. Perform asanas with awareness on the breath and automatically the body and mind aligns for greater emotional stability. Sthiram. Sukham. Asanam.
Mind Body Balance
A series of yoga posture designed especially for women to maintain physical and mental health.
Sound Sleep
Release any tension in the body and relax your mind completely with sequence and experience a sound sleep.
Fit and Strong
This sequence helps you fire up your core to improve strength and endurance.
Women’s Wellness
Yoga postures designed especially for women to maintain good physical and mental health.
Energy Booster – II
Popularly known as Ashtanga Suryanamaskara sequence.

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Manage Weight

Immunity Booster


Turn On/Off Posture Instructions
Once you are familiar with the postures, you may speed up the program by turning off the instructions.
Turn On/Off Posture Corrections
For minimal corrective suggestions. By default, you can make 3 attempts to get your posture right.
Turn On/Off Posture Motivations
If the increased hold-time in Round 3 is challenging, you may use this feature to turn it off.
YogiFi uses the camera on your smartphone to leverage Computer Vision technology and scan your entire body for posture correction. You may also select Virtual Ambiance of your choice to add more fun to your practice. This feature can be best experienced when the App is mirrored onto your TV. Check-out the below sample sessions to experience these upcoming features.


Introduction to
YogiFi Vision + Mat experience.


Introduction to 
Virtual Ambiance.

Fusion of CV with AR/VR


Introduction to gamification.


Introduction to 
classes with a partner

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